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Far Away Shimmer Gel: Party perfect...shimmer moisturizer

Far Away Shimmer Gel: Party perfect...shimmer & scent. price: $8.00


Far Away Shimmering Body Powder: ON SALE FOR: $1.99 (SAVE 63%! ORIGINAL price: $5.50)


Far Away Pearlized Shower Gel: Stir things up! price: $10.00

Far Away Body Lotion: Softly scented! price: $10.00

Far Away Eau de Parfum Spray: A lush and liberating journey of the senses. price: $22.50

Far Away Eau de Parfum Purse Spray: Tag-a-long! price: $9.00

NOTE 1: If you like "FAR AWAY" Eau De Parfum Spray and a) you want a smaller size to carry in your purse, or b) don't want to pay the price for the full sized bottle: The "Far Away" purse spray is PERFECT!

NOTE 2: If you like ANY Avon scents but haven't tried "FAR AWAY", you're probably are like me: I don't want to commit to a scent that I've never tried before. So, the purse spray is AWESOME for trying it out. There are a LOT of travel sized/ purse sized versions of your favorite scents here on the AVON/ MARK site, so feel free to browse the scent section.  :D

NOTE 3: AVON is doing a Women's Fragrance Sale! Mix or Match any 2 for $24.00!  (Save 46%)
The "Far Away" Eau De Parfum Spray is one of several scents elligible for this offer!

NOTE 4: If you Like fragranced lotions, body sprays, perfume, body powders, shimmers, etc. : you might enjoy browsing these selections:
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