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I'm sitting here, trying to reaquaint myself to an old friend...when suddenly:

the boyfriend: yo why u instant messeing my girlfrind to hang out ??
me: because I'm her friend?
the boyfriend: yo nigga you better chill
me: right.
the boyfriend: yeah r9ight
me: listen pal, trust me it's not anything like I'm trying to take her from you.
me: So eh, I think I'm fine with the chill factor, but you should calm down a bit.
the boyfriend: im not your pal n leave my girl alone
the boyfriend: peace
me: right...

names changed and forgotten to protect the jealous, and myself too.

Now, mind you this happened just minutes after my last post. So now, I have lost a friend and made an enemy of her boyfriend because I asked her to hang out with a few of my friends.

Hmm....that seems to meet the description of a bad thing.
I'm sure it's not over yet.
I wish people would talk to me themselves before they decide to make me feel sick, because I feel bad now. I know for a fact I did nothing wrong, yet still I feel like crap and want to throw up.
Maybe it's because I just lost a friend. Who knows.
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