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Far Away Shimmer Gel: Party perfect...shimmer moisturizer 
01:18am 08/07/2009

Far Away Shimmer Gel: Party perfect...shimmer & scent. price: $8.00 


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Pore Minimizers/ Cleansers, Lip gloss, EYE SHADOW, Bath & Body, save up to 65% (Summer Sale) 
07:06pm 05/07/2009
Clearance Sale On NEW (un-used & un-opened):
Lip Gloss, Lip Balm, Lip Cream, Lipstick, Lip Stain, and Chapstick: Starting at .59 cents!

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the items below come in different colors or shades, not just the ones in the pix.



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IN ADDITION TO ALL THESE GREAT PRICES ON FABULOUS PRODUCTS, Avon is having a *Buy 1 Get 1 - 1/2 off sale on the makeup items: Click Here To See Which Items Qualify For The BoGo 1/2 off Sale!

NOTE- may repost to other communities that allow sales and adverts. :D

Bunchy Purse 
11:52pm 16/11/2006
  Bunchy Purse
I'm selling this purse on eBay because I need the cash, so feel free to bid!
Only 2 days left; auction ends on Saturday at 8PM, give or
take like 3 minutes.

(Feel free to delete this if it is against regulation in any way or is unwanted)
selling Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B less than retail on some!! please look! 
11:48pm 20/03/2006
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09:33pm 12/12/2005
  hey kids
no one posts in here anymore!
start posting!



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

because it's gonna be amazing
I think
I d/k
I'll post some more in a little bit
like 5 minutes
a different post
with pics
08:00pm 20/11/2005
  The new community, The Anecdotium, would like to open FREE ELITE MEMBERSHIP(No need to apply) to its first ten members!


The top ten will have the higher rank when it comes time to vote for new members.

Wondering what it's all about? Click here.
my halloween costume 
07:27pm 28/10/2005
  I'm going to be a bunny! Even though I'll probably just be dressed up at work. I have vintagy hair in these pics so I thought I'd share. I'm a little bored ^_~

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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04:26am 10/08/2005
  Gee you would think this community would get posted in................  
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02:15am 13/07/2005
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12:08am 11/07/2005
mood: tired
Truly no one else has this shirt, for it is mine no more.

I'm selling it on eBay(yes, you read right, 'Satan') ;)

It is light pink, with a white helicopter graphic printed slightly to the right and down. I find it to be quite cute, but I guess I just can't do light pink right now, so I'm capitalizing on it. It was made by a Boston artist who printed only a few. YOUTH LARGE by the way!!
The bid starts at $8.00, so if anyone would like it...

...click here

Thanks guys! I realize this post may have been an annoyance.
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05:14pm 19/05/2005

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04:43pm 11/05/2005


please please join!
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01:53pm 10/05/2005
mood: loved
Hey kids, we need more updating! We need more members!

I'll post a few pics just to get this thing going a little? I don't know.

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I'm sitting here, trying to reaquaint myself to an old friend...when suddenly: 
10:51pm 08/05/2005
mood: angry
the boyfriend: yo why u instant messeing my girlfrind to hang out ??
me: because I'm her friend?
the boyfriend: yo nigga you better chill
me: right.
the boyfriend: yeah r9ight
me: listen pal, trust me it's not anything like I'm trying to take her from you.
me: So eh, I think I'm fine with the chill factor, but you should calm down a bit.
the boyfriend: im not your pal n leave my girl alone
the boyfriend: peace
me: right...

names changed and forgotten to protect the jealous, and myself too.

Now, mind you this happened just minutes after my last post. So now, I have lost a friend and made an enemy of her boyfriend because I asked her to hang out with a few of my friends.

Hmm....that seems to meet the description of a bad thing.
I'm sure it's not over yet.
I wish people would talk to me themselves before they decide to make me feel sick, because I feel bad now. I know for a fact I did nothing wrong, yet still I feel like crap and want to throw up.
Maybe it's because I just lost a friend. Who knows.
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How to style. 
05:14pm 29/04/2005
  Mr. T can show you how it's done.

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..About time.... 
07:25pm 19/04/2005

Well I figured it was about time I post some pictures in here so yeh Forgive the uglyness.

They are  kinda big but it will be ok.


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12:39pm 09/04/2005
mood: tired
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